Save the Dates
Friday, May 12th in the afternoon, we will celebrate Mother’s Day. If your student does not have someone that is able to attend, please let me know asap and we will find them a surrogate mom.
Friday, June 9th also in the afternoon, we will celebrate Father’s Day. Again, if your son or daughter needs a surrogate dad, please let me know and we will find a special person to be there for them.


School is out at 1:00 this Thursday and there is no school on Friday to make time for conferences. Conferences are from 5:00-8:00 on Thursday and 9:00-4:00 on Friday. Sign up sheets are in the hallway in the elementary building; please take a moment to sign up for a conference next time you are at the school, or feel free to call the office at 541-382-5091 and our wonderful office staff can get you signed up as well.

There will be no spelling this week.


I am still in need of one more approved parent driver that can fit 3 students in their car. Or, if you are not approved, but are able to take only your child that could be helpful as well. We will leave the school at 10:15 and return around noon. Please let me know if you are able. If we do not get enough drivers, we will postpone until March. If your child normally uses a booster seat, please leave that in the morning as well.

Also, please have your child bring in a book with a favorite character tomorrow for a new writing unit we will be starting. Some students want to use a book from our classroom library and that is fine, too. Please let me know if you have any questions!
Thank you and have a wonderful week



Please check your child’s backpack for enrollment paperwork, this week’s spelling, and a reading log.
We will be having a Valentine’s party on Valentine’s Day with the first graders. A second list of names was sent home today in case you need it 🙂
Report cards will be passed out this Friday. I will hand report cards directly to parents before or after school and will not be able to send report cards home with students. If your child goes to after-care, please let me know if you would like me to leave their report card with the after-care teachers for you to pick up there.
Have a great week!


Wow- the 15-16 school year just flew by and I can’t believe it’s summer break already!

This summer I plan to be in the classroom most weeks planning and preparing for the upcoming group of second graders. I’m excited for the changes ahead and I know 2016-17 is going to be a great year! Parents of incoming students (or anyone contemplating joining Morning Star), please feel free to call the school office at 541-382-5091 to leave me a message and I’ll be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you might have about second grade. You can also email me at: mrscrainmscs@gmail.com.

I hope everyone has a restful and fun summer break- and be sure to read every day this summer!


Tomorrow is our Valentine’s party in the afternoon. Please remember to send in those Valentine’s cards if you haven’t already. Also, thank you to those who have sent in a couple of dollars to hep with the party.

Next Wednesday, February 17th, is our grandparent’s day celebration. We will be making cards for our grandparents that are here- and mailing cards to those grandparents that can’t make it. Please email the address of the grandparent(s) you would like your child’s card to go to if they will not have a grandparent here next Wednesday.


I hope everyone enjoyed the three day weekend. Here’s what’s going on in your child’s classroom 🙂

Report cards are ready to go home. I will be handing them out after school throughout this week. If I do not see you by Friday then your child’s report card will be mailed home. I am unable to send any report cards home with students. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s report card.

This Friday is bring a friend to school day. If your child would like to bring a friend to school, they must have a signed permission form. These went home with your student last Thursday, but if you need a new one, please pick one up inthe office. Students may bring one friend that is a first, second, or third grader.

Next Friday, February 12th, we will be having Presidents’ Day activities in the morning, and a Valentine’s party in the afternoon. Lylian’s mom, Peggy, has graciously volunteered to organize the party. She will be purchasing craft supplies and treats for the class. If you are able to contribute $2 for this, please send to school with your child and I will make sure Peggy gets it.

The class has reached their second dojo goal- 2,000 total class points- and they have earned a movie. We will watch the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this Wednesday. Students may also wear pajamas on this day. (Please remember to send appropriate clothing to put on over the pajamas for when we go outside).


Happy New Year!!!

Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas break. See you all on Monday 🙂

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