I am so glad that you are interested in Morning Star for your child- here is what 3rd grade looks like…

  • In 3rd grade, we do integrated units with a science lens. This means that we start with the 3rd grade science standards, and build out our units accordingly. We fold in language arts, writing, reading, and art into the science units, and in the afternoon, take everything we have learned and apply it to a project. Units can be anywhere from 4-6 weeks long, providing your child with a rich opportunity to learn in depth about our subject. An example would look like the following: In one of our PLTW units, we study the four forces of flight- lift, weight, drag, and thrust. We pair this with learning about 4 different people who have flown- the Wright brothers, Bessie Coleman, the Red Baron, and Amelia Earhart. We read about and study these historical figures, using Blooms Taxonomy to think, write and create. In the afternoon, we build and test gliders using all the information we have gained in the morning to solve a real world problem (how can you get the most supplies to a remote village using a glider).


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