It’s almost the end of October, and we really are getting into the swing of things!  We’ve just finished our first integrated project on the geography of Oregon.  Students planned their dream vacation through Oregon.  They had to visit the five regions of Oregon and work within a set budget.

We are now moving on to our next integrated unit on the Native Americans of Oregon.  We are studying local tribal legends, learning about the tribes that lived in our state, and also expanding our knowledge by studying the Navajo Code Talkers.  Students will be writing their own legends, creating artifacts that will be on display during parent teacher conferences, and creating their own code languages based up the Code Talkers, and the computer coding we will be learning in Project Lead the Way!

We also will be going on a field trip….SHHH, it’s a surprise!!!  The students have no idea where we will be headed, but it will tie into our learning unit, and I can’t wait to see how our upcoming trip will help solidify our learning.

I love to see how learning can come alive with integration and creativity!

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