22 Jan. 2018

Guten Morgen, Frende!

I am very pleased with the progress my students are making. As we continue in our unit regarding weather, additional vocabulary will be added. I will also be introducing a fun and silly song which will become useful in a future unit concerning family. 

May God bless you all with a wonderful week!

~Herr Keeley

16 Jan. 2018

Guten Tag!

This week in German students will continue practicing German weather words, and learn new ones as well. Reading and speaking practice will coincide with our continuing study of the life of Heidi. Have a profitable week!

~ Herr Keeley

8 Jan. 2018

Willkommen zurück!

Welcome back!

This week in German the students will begin a winter project, start learning some words and phrases regarding time, the calendar, and the weather.

Happy New Year!

~ Herr Keeley

December 18-22 2017

Guten Morgen, 

It’s our last week of German before the Christmas Break! The week will be spent learning about a variety of Christmas traditions throughout the German-speaking world. 

Frohe Weihnachten! (merry Christmas)

~ Herr Keeley

December 4-8  2017

Guten Tag!

This, being the first full week of December, begins our study of German words and phrases having to do with the holidays. Each day right up to the last day before Christmas vacation students will also have an opportunity to hunt for the Christmas Pickle. The lucky finder will receive a ”sweet” reward.

~ Herr Keeley

27 November – 1 December 2017

This week in German will see a resumption of our study of the classic book HEIDI, as well as the introduction of a new verse, and some fun games.

~ M. Keeley

20 – 24 November 2017 

School is closed this week for Thanksgiving! Count your blessings and enjoy your family time! 

~ Herr Keeley


13 – 17 November 2017

In the German-speaking world, November is the start of the carnival season, which is called Fasching. This week students will learn about the history and traditions of the holiday. Additionally, they’ll be doing an art project to be displayed on my hallway bulletin board. 

Have a great week!

~ Herr Keeley


Guten Tag!

This week in German is very short, since parent/teacher conferences take place Wednesday and Thursday. However, on Monday and Tuesday we’ll have some fun review games and look at chapter 11 of Heidi. 

Enjoy your week!

~ Herr Keeley

30 Oktober 2017

Guten Tag!

Last Thursday the students took a diagnostic quiz over unit 1 and part of unit 2. The results are in, and I am pleased to report that they all sailed through with flying colors!

This week we will continue playing review games, roll-playing dialogues, and working with 5 verbs in the first person. Chapter 10 of Heidi will also be read and discussed. 

Have a wonderful week!

~ Herr Keeley

23 Oktober 2017

Grüß Gott! (Greetings in Swiss German)

This week in German class we’ll be looking at a very tasteful aspect of the Swiss culture – food! Additionally I will be reading another chapter from the classic, “Heidi”. 

I am very encouraged to here the kids to pronunciate . their German vocabulary. Have a good week!

16 Oktober 2017

Guten Tag! 

It’s hard to believe we’re now in the middle of October! This week students will continue practicing vocabulary from unit 1, and expand their skill with the five new verbs from unit 2. Additionally they will take a look at the top 10 attractions in Switzerland, continue into chapter 8 of Heidi, and begin to read and speak German from a storybook. 

Have a blessed week!

~ Herr Keeley


9 October 2017

Grüß Gott! (Greetings! – in Swiss German)

This week in my German classes, we will learn 5 new verbs (in the first person) i.e. ”I want, I have, I eat, etc.” We’ll also be taking a look at some interesting facts about Switzerland, since the setting of our continued study of the classic book, ”Heidi” takes place there. 

Schöne Woche! (Enjoy your week!)

~ Herr Keeley

5 October 2017

Octoberfest 2017 was a success!  We had authentic German games, food, costumes and good old fashioned German fun.  Students enjoyed learning about German culture.  For more pictures check out our Morning Star Christian School facebook page.

1 October 2017

Guten Tag Freunde! (Hello friends)

Oktoberfest week is finally here! Students are encouraged to make an Oktoberfest costume from old clothes they may have around the house, and wear it on Thursday Oct. 5th. 

Have a wonderful week!

~Herr Keeley




Guten Tag!

I am very proud of my students of German. This month they have been practicing some greetings, numbers, colors, a Bible verse, and have been engaged in discussions relative to the weekly readings from the classic German story of ”Heidi”. This week they will continue practicing the above, and also begin learning the song ”Open the Eyes of my Heart” in German. 

Have a great week!

~ Herr Keeley


SEPTEMBER 22, 2017

Guten Tag!

Today, being the first day of autumn, I am reminded that now is a good time to announce that this year’s annual class Oktoberfest is coming soon! The merriment will commence Thursday, October 5th and will take place in all of my German classes. Students have been shown pictures of traditional Oktoberfest costumes, and are encouraged to make their own costume from old clothes from home. It is not necessary for students to spend money or excessive time for the design of these costumes, and they will not lose any credit should they arrive at school without one. But as I told the kids yesterday, half of the fun of Oktoberfest is being able to wear  fun clothes at school.

I will provide all of the food, drinks, games and music.

~ Herr Keeley


SEPTEMBER 13th 2017

Wow, we’re already approaching mid September, and what a joy it is to work with your wonderful kids! In my German and Spanish classes we are working on small segments of greetings, numbers and colors. Additionally, each class is learning John 8:12 in their respective languages.

My two guitar classes are learning mastery in tuning their guitars with a keyboard as well as tuning machines. Also they are learning some simple yet practical chords they have never seen before. The versatility of these new chords will benefit the kids for a lifetime!

Thankful be have a part in your child’s education,

Mr. Keeley



Welcome! I am excited about meeting new students and reconnecting with return students. We’ve got some fun plans for German, Spanish and Guitar this year, and I can’t wait to get started. Seeing the kids learn, discover and grow is the best part of my job. May God bless your children and their progress for the 2017-2018 school year.

Bis bald! See you soon!

~ Herr Keeley


Parents of present and prospective students of German, 

Since we always kick off the fall with an introduction or a review of basic greetings, numbers and colors, your child may want to keep his/her knowledge fresh by doing a little online review. There are many websites that are instructive but not necessarily kid-friendly. However, I can recommend two: ”Learn German with Ania” and German. 

Habe einen schönen Sommer, und bis bald! ”Have a good summer and see you soon!”

~ Herr Keeley



12 – 16 JUNE 2017

Wow! We’re down to our last week of school year 2016-17! Monday through Wednesday will be normal classes. Thursday is Awards Day, and Friday is Field-Day (just a half-day). Let’s finish the school year strong!

~ Herr Keeley

5 – 9 JUNE 2017

This week in German we’ll continue reviewing and roll-playing this year’s vocabulary. This will also be the last academic week for 5th – 8th grade German, as their joint end – of -the year field trip takes place during the final week of 2016-2017 school year. Fourth grade German will have two more classes on that last week of school. 

~ Herr Keeley


29 MAY – 2 JUNE

Hallo Freunde! 

As of this week we begin our year-end review of all of the topics covered in German class over the course of the entire school year. There will be lot’s of games, roll-play and prizes! 

Have a great week! ~ Herr Keeley

22 – 26 MAY

Guten Tag!

Quizzes will be on Tuesday or Wednesday regarding Proverbs 3:5 in German. Kids will get to roll-play some of our current vocabulary and begin playing some fun end of the year review games. Enjoy the summer-like weather!

Herr Keeley


15 – 19 MAY

This week in German kids will continue practicing Proverbs 3: 5 in German for an upcoming quiz. Additionally, there will be a quiz over the latest chapter of our readings regarding Einstein, as well as the Hitler Youth. Lastly, there will be practice and roll-play of our newest vocabulary.

Have a great week,

~ Herr Keeley


1 – 5  MAY

Happy May!

This week in German students will continue practicing Psalm 3:5 in German; expect a quiz within a week or so. We will also be getting to our last unit of the school year; Leisure and Recreation. Kids will learn verbs and phrases applicable to the subject. It’s been great to see the progress students have made, and I expect that they will finish the quarter well!

~ Herr Keeley


24 – 28 April

Guten Tag!

Wow, we’re down to just 8 weeks of school. And, we’re determined to finish strong! What’s up this week? We’ll have our last quiz over food items, probably early in the week. Students need to practice their German Bible verse as a quiz will likely be fairly soon. After this week I believe we will begin a review of everything covered thus far from September onward.

17 – 21 APRIL  

Guten Tag!

There will be a quiz over ”place settings” this week. We will also continue our study of Proverbs 3:5 in German, along with review of key verbs.  Have a wonderful week!

~ Herr Keeley


10 – 14 APRIL 2017

This week in German will be spent learning the German version of Psalm 3:5 and practicing our new vocabulary (part 2 of food and restaurant). Next week students will have a quiz over the ”place settings” vocab. listed on their study sheets. Have a great week!

~ Herr Keeley

3 – 7 APRIL 2017

Just back from spring break I am excited about going to part two of our study of Im Restaurant/Das Essen (food and restaurant). Second, we’ll continue our exploration into the lives of the two Alberts – Schweitzer and Einstein. Lastly, students will be learning the German version of John 1: 1-5 .

Auf Wiedersehen!

~ Herr Keeley

20 – 24 MARCH 

Today is the first day of spring, and this week students will have a quiz over German numbers. We will also be reviewing and adding to our unit regarding ”in the restaurant”.

Have a great week!

~ Herr Keeley


13 – 17 MARCH

Happy Daylight Savings Time!

This week in German will find students taking an oral quiz over vocabulary from their study sheets. Additionally, kids will make more German sentences, learn to use a few prepositions, and continue learning about Einstein and Schweitzer.

Have a great week!

~ Herr Keeley


6 – 10 MARCH

Guten Tag!

Last week’s introduction of the new material went well. Kids enthusiastically read and translated in German. They also began to see a little bit of the lives of the two Alberts:  Schweitzer and Einstein. This week we continue to learn more of these great men and their contributions to humanity. Additionally, students will learn to create their own simple sentences with vocabulary relative to ”the restaurant”.

~Herr  Keeley


27 FEB – 3 MAR 2017

Guten Tag!

This week in German we will begin our new unit in earnest. It’s about knowing how to speak in a German restaurant; ordering food, asking and paying the bill, etc.

Students will also be introduced to Ein Feste Burg ist unser Gott – (A Mighty Fortress is our God). They will be singing the first verse all in German at this year’s Spring Program.

Finally, I will be introducing the biography of  Albert Schweitzer. It is written in German, and the kids will learn to read and translate the German text. This is for grades 5 th through 8th. Another biography will be taught to the younger kids. It’s about Albert Einstein.

~ Herr Keeley


13 February 2017

Guten Tag!

Last week in German class we completed our projects, and I am very happy with the results. Stop by our hallway display to see what great things your child and others have put together!

This week we will wrap up our unit on Die Familie (the family) and begin our final review of the vocabulary. Thursday is test day, so kids need to get prepared. Additionally, we will be practicing Johannes 14:6 (John 14:6) for next week’s quiz over this Bible passage.

Have a great week!

~ Herr Keeley

FEBRUARY 7, 2017

Greetings from German class! This week will see no new material. Instead, students will need to study their familiar vocabulary at home, as we will be doing a project relative to the vocabulary. Another reason for home-study is  that next week I expect to give a quiz over their vocabulary handout sheets.

~ Herr Keeley



JANUARY 24, 2017

This has certainly been a winter to remember. Several snow days, ice jams, snow measured in feet, and flooding classrooms! Yet God has been very good to the staff and students of our school.

This week, Lord willing, will have been the very first full week of the new year. And, irrespective of the challenges presented to us by nature, I am encouraged to see just how fast my students have gotten back into the ”saddle”.

As we continue our progress towards enlarging our German vocabularies, students are finally ready to have a quiz over some of the topic material for January/February: Die Familie (the family). I have great expectations!

Thank you for your patience regarding the above mentioned challenges. May God bless you and keep you in His perfect will.

~ Herr Keeley



It was great to see all of my students after the holidays. The main thrust for this month will be learning the names of immediate and extended family members. Special phrases will include; ”I have,  I love, I go with, and we belong”. Additionally, I will be adding a German Bible verse to be memorized.

~ Herr Keeley


December 2016

It’s just a week and a half until our annual Christmas Program night, and I am excited to announce that our students of German will again be singing Silent Night, in the original German. In addition to singing the first verse, which describes the nativity scene, for the first time ever, the kids will also be singing verse two, which beautifully showcases just what the birth of Jesus means to those who long for hope. As the students sing in German, an English translation will be displayed on the large screen so that the audience may more fully understand the author’s proclamation of the power and beauty of God’s amazing grace!

Bis bald! (See you soon!)

~Herr Keeley



November 2016

As we begin  a new month it occurs to me that at long last we will finally see the election of a new president and the rise of a new Baseball World Championship Team. Additionally, November also marks the beginning of the Second Quarter of the school year. I am excited that my students in both foreign languages will be learning about the calendar, numbers, and simple sentences highlighting first person singular verbs. Students of German will also be learning Stille Nacht (Silent Night – two verses), and continue to work on Das Vaterunser (the Lord’s Prayer).

May the Lord bless you all with a thankful heart as we look forward to gathering with family for Thanksgiving! 

~ M. Keeley




What a wonderful beginning to this school year! From our fiesta day, celebrating Latin culture in my Spanish classes to the Oktoberfest in the German classes, I have been so pleased to see the progress of the children in foreign language.

Next week will be the end of the grade period, and students of German will have their last quiz of the quarter. The quiz will cover vocab. list # 2, the first line of the Lord’s Prayer, and for the intermediate kids, verbs.

Have a wonderful harvest season with your families!

~ M. Keeley




Welcome back Morning Star students, and welcome aboard, all of the new students! I can’t wait to work with you in Spanish (K-3rd), German (4th -8th) or Guitar (5th -8th) classes. Come with a great attitude and expect to have fun! May God’s blessing be upon you all! ~Mr. Keeley



Another great school year is in the books! MSCS students have worked hard for the past 10 months, and now can enjoy a well-earned vacation! As I sit at my classroom desk,  one day after the final school day, it occurs to me that it’s never too early to begin getting ready for fall. So, my idea is this: If any of my returning students of German would like to keep their knowledge sharp over the summer, there are many quick and easy ways to accomplish this. One way is to practice German with an app called duolingo. This is also perfect for new kids; especially those who have no foreign language background. Have a great summer! 

Bis später!

~ Herr Keeley


This last week will focus on lots of fun review games! So long 2015-2016 school year. Looking forward to a great summer and expecting a fantastic new school year in September!



South American countries and vocabulary regarding ‘house and home’ will be this week’s thrust for Spanish students. Review of vocab. and German-speaking country profiles will occupy German students. Finally, 4th grade (both languages) will have its last quiz on Wednesday.

31 MAY 

This week students of Spanish will be reviewing Spanish names for things in and around the house. Additionally, students  will learn a bit about the ancient Incas of South America. German students will review for their last quiz over The Creation. Some emphasis will also be given to the nation of Switzerland and its unique dialect of German.


23 MAY

Spanish students will continue learning vocabulary concerning “the house”. They will also continue learning about the various cultures of South America. German students are coming up on their next to last quiz over ”the creation”. Additionally, they will be learning some interesting things about the small, German-speaking country of Liechtenstein, as well as some German vocab. in the news.

16 MAY 2016

This week in Spanish classes we will examining selected locations in South America, with an emphasis on Machu Picchu and the Amazon rain forest. German students will focus on adding to their knowledge of the verses concerning ”the creation”, and also see the German language in the news.

9 MAY 2016

Owing to ”spring program” practice during the afternoon of Tues. – Thursday, Middle School German meets only on Monday. However, there will be a quiz today, which was announced last week. Fourth Grade German and Spanish will have classes as regularly scheduled, and Wednesday will be their quiz day.

2 MAY 

As mentioned last week, both German and Spanish classes will continue learning “The Creation” in their respective languages.

25 April – 6 May

German and Spanish classes will continue learning the creation story in those languages. Additionally, attention to verbs and a few adjectives will be practiced daily. Kids should be ready for a quiz this week. And, just a reminder that Friday, May 6 is our annual Walk – a – Thon, and as such there will be no regularly scheduled classes that day. ~MK

18 APRIL 2016

Focus this week for both languages will be to sharpen skills such as vowel-blends, question words, old verbs, and the first three lines of the Creation. On the latter there will be an oral quiz Thursday for 5th – 8th, and Friday for 4th graders. ~MK


11 April 2016

Since this is a short week for the kids (Mon. – Wed.), focus in both foreign languages will be placed upon review, drill, and practice with games and dialogues.


4 April 2016

As the Beginning of the 4th quarter is just around the corner, students of German will begin a general review of all concepts learned from this school year. And, as mentioned last week, we will also be learning selected passages from Genesis regarding God’s Creation.

Students of Spanish will continue to review ”places”, and learn names of animals. We also will be learning a few phrases from Genesis concerning God’s Creation.


28 MARCH 2016

This week both Spanish and German students will begin a spring project. Additionally they will learn about and start memorizing ”the creation” in their respective languages.


7 Mar 2016

Spanish students will begin combining vocabulary from our “places” unit with the new unit on “animals”. Stuffed animals and figurines will become a big part of the fun of learning!

German students will be expanding their knowledge of the geography of the German-speaking world as we take a look at some of the major cities in this region. A special focus on the uniqueness of each city’s culture and history will be highlighted alongside of their geographic locations.


1 MARCH 2016

This week we are gearing up for a quiz in all of my foreign language classes above third grade. The following is a schedule of quiz dates:

  • Middle School German ~ Wednesday
  • 4th Grade German ~ Friday
  • 4th Grade Spanish ~ Friday

FYI ~ Students in Middle School German have been learning strategy and battle commands in order to play the German version of the Game of Risk.

22 February 

German students will be able to identify important geographic features of the German-speaking world. Additionally, a brief examination of the impact on shipping the U-boat had during World War 2.

Spanish students will be able to identify names and pictures of places in Spanish. In addition, they will also practice three new songs.


February 8

Students of German will be working on some travel and shopping phrases in addition to their map work. This city of Berlin will also be discussed and examined relative to its place in Germany and Europe.

Kids taking Spanish will continue learning about places and phrases which go along with the vocab. 4th grade will begin an extensive review of all first semester vocabulary, while Kindergarten will be learning about classroom nouns and useful phrases.


February 1 

German students will begin a unit on the geography of Germany and its location in Europe. They will also be learning about what life in Germany was like for young people during World War Two. I am reading a chapter or two each week of a novel called, “Hitler’s Secret” aloud to the kids. Additionally, students will begin to accelerate their ability to “read” German as well as speak it.

Spanish students will continue learning more vocabulary regarding ”places”, and will practice questions and answers regarding this topic.

January 25

Spanish students in 4th grade will have a written quiz this week over our current unit. Fourth grade German students will have a test on Tuesday over the verb ‘sein’ and vocabulary regarding ‘the countryside’. Fifth trough 8th grade students of German will have their test Wednesday over the same vocabulary plus  several important verbs. The test for all German students will be a written test.


January 11

Last week my Spanish students began a new unit about places around town. German students began a unit about the countryside. Both groups of students are learning how to say, “Where are you going?” and ”I’m going to the…” German students just finished a unit about winter sports. If you’re in the elementary building, why not stop by and take a look at our bullentin board in the hallway near my classroom?


December 15

German/Spanish: We are spending a lot of time this week preparing for tonight’s Christmas Program. Wed. through Friday we will wind down this calendar year with special classroom events designed for fun. After Christmas Break we will begin new units for both of the languages. Frohe Weihnachten, and Feliz Navidad!

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