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Welcome to Morning Star Christian School music classes. Music education is very important to our overall curriculum. Our goal is to develop music literacy and  appreciation while preparing believers for a life of worship, whether as a member of a congregation or as a member of a worship team.

Elementary students, grades K through 5, learn to read rhythms and notes using instruments, prepare songs for worship in chapel, and participate in school programs.  In addition, middle school students grow in music literacy by learning to play keyboard or guitar.  Also, students have the opportunity to build vocal and choral skills by singing in our honor choir.

Introducing….our music team!

Carol Schmidt:  I am thankful to be part of the music team.  I have had many years of experience as an elementary teacher, and also years of teaching music classes, directing choirs and bands, teaching keyboard, and accompanying musical groups. My desire is that students will develop their skills in playing instruments, singing, and reading and creating music, and will also grow in their enjoyment and appreciation of quality music.  The ultimate goal is that the students will use their musical abilities to worship and honor our Heavenly Father.

Mike Keeley:  Please pray with us that, through music, we will encounter the living God and will worship Him with our whole hearts.

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