Morning Star Nursery 6wks-3yrs


About MSCS Nursery:

At Morning Star Christian School, our nursery program is not just a daycare. We treat our program as pre-school preparation. We want to be an extension of the pre-school, so that when children graduate at 3 and move into pre-school, they are prepared to transition with ease and ahead of kids entering in a program for the first time.


To preserve the quality of our program, we want to keep low ratios so that each child in our care can feel known and have more individual time and attention with our teachers. Our ratios in the baby room (6wks-1yr) are 3:1, in the toddler room (1-2yrs) are 4:1, and in Jr. Pre-school (2-3yrs) are 5:1.


Each room has 2 dedicated, highly trained teachers who love children and love their families in a warm, caring environment. Our purpose is to be an extension of the family, who will care for the emotional, social, developmental and educational growth of your child. We communicate with our families each day, giving a log of the child’s day in our care. We also offer year-round care, with only 1 full week off at the end of August (and a few holidays throughout the year) so our teachers can attend trainings to fulfill their continuing education.


As a pre-school preparation program, our days are more structured than the average daycare. Each classroom starts the day by greeting our parents and checking in about how the child is doing that day. After initial check in, we get the children settled through Bible time or reading stories. After this, we open our centers (1 for younger children, 2 for older children) and allow the children to explore with play dough, sensory tables, letters, or writing.  After this we provide snack, each day providing 4 items for the kids to eat (am and pm snack). The kids enjoy art each day, usually corresponding to a monthly theme (such as farm animals, bugs, weather, etc.). We also provide sign language for the classes once a week, to help with language and communication development. When the weather permits, we have outside playtime and daily walks as a group around our 11-acre campus. We have a 2-hour naptime during the day but understand that not every child will nap so we have staff who will have a quiet time with these children instead. A couple times a year, we provide in-house field trip activities (such as a pumpkin patch in the classroom). We also enjoy regular cooking activities with the kids.



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