My name is Kate Tillery and I am so excited to be the new Spanish teacher this year! My goal is to bring in as many creative, hands-on ideas to make learning Spanish fun and effective while catering to each one of your child’s multiple intelligences.

I will provide many opportunities in class for practice with conversation, listening activities, vocab memorization, art, and more.  Our curriculum matches Bend High’s first year of Spanish. This means that by the time our Middle Schoolers leave MSCS they will have had 1 year of High School level Spanish and will be able to test into Spanish 2.

I have been teaching for over 12 years and I am eager to continue the journey with your children. I am married to my best friend, Rod Tillery, who I met at a Spanish Language Institute in Costa Rica where I lived and studied for eight exciting months. We have 4 great kids, 3 of whom are attending MSCS. A few of my loves include crafting, baking, running, camping, being outdoors with my family, thrift shopping, drinking coffee, and writing notes of encouragement.


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